Organisational development and cooperation

Organisational development and cooperation

Philanthropy implements its programmes through its four offices in Serbia (Belgrade, Ruma, Kragujevac and Kraljevo), one in Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Banjaluka) and one in Montenegro (Podgorica).

Development of voluntarism and diaconal practice is one aspect of Philanthropy’s organisational development. Particular attention of given to organising seminars and training of volunteers, in order to raise their capacities to provide the best quality services to vulnerable beneficiaries. 

Furthermore, strengthening capacities of Philanthropy’s staff, as well as its organisational structure, increases the impact of its programmes.

Representatives of Philanthropy participate in the international conferences, seminars and meetings, exchanging experiences and cases of good practice with partners, respective institutions and other stakeholders.


Philanthropy fruitfully cooperates with public institutions and agencies: National Employment Service, Clinical centres around Serbia, social welfare institutions, local and central authorities, etc. Additionally, Philanthropy cooperates with number of humanitarian and other civil society organisations.

Philanthropy participated in the development of the Poverty reduction Strategy in Serbia and Sustainable Development Strategy. Finally, with its programmes, Philanthropy contributes to implementation of the national strategies for elderly care and support to people living with HIV/AIDS.