Agricultural development, coordinated with local and national plans for rural and agricultural development, is one of Philanthropy’s strategic areas of work.
Philanthropy implements its role in rehabilitation and strengthening of rural areas through:

  • Humanitarian agricultural programmes
  • Rural development and agricultural development programmes

Since 2000, in cases when rural population was affected by emergencies (floods and earthquakes), Philanthropy has designed and implemented series of humanitarian agricultural programmes, providing vulnerable rural population with assistance in a form of cash, seeds, seedlings, fertilisers, cattle food, etc.   

Particular attention has been paid to organising educational programmes and strengthening rural civil society organisations, as well as training of farmers, provided in cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade. 

Within this programme, Philanthropy organised trainings for socially vulnerable rural population on breeding of egg-laying hens, chicken breeding, distribution of fruit and vegetable seeds and seedling. Several hundred green houses have been distributed, now used for production of vegetables and flowers, courses for cultivation of mushrooms organised, beehives and bees have been donated to hundreds of families, projects for artificial insemination of cattle implemented…