Humanitarian Volunteerism for Solidarity Activities

At the beginning of 2024, Philanthropy started the implementation of a three-year project within the European Solidarity Corps program supported by the European Union. This project is implemented in a consortium with seven organisations from Serbia, the European Union, and Africa. As part of partnership cooperation, Philanthropy, as a certified organization for work with volunteers, will host three volunteers from abroad.
During the implementation of the project, humanitarian volunteerism for solidarity activities will activate 24 volunteers within the consortium to provide support in countries certified as host countries.
At the end of April, the kick-off meeting of the project partners was held in Novi Pazar: ADRA Czechia, ADRA Slovakia, ADRA Zambia, ADRA Serbia, Association of Pioneers of Uganda, Ecumenical Humanitarian Organisation, Merhamet Sandžak, and Philanthropy.