Capacity Building of Employees

Philanthropy implemented the project "Capacity building of employees in shelter for adults and older persons “St Joachim and Anne”, Kragujevac and professionals in social protection" from September to December 2024. The project is financially supported by Caritas Austria. 

Within project, two roundtable were held for employees in social welfare and stakeholders involved in providing accommodation services at the shelter, both directly and indirectly. The roundtables were registered in the Chamber of Social Welfare to enable professional workers to obtain necessary points for renewing their professional licenses.

An accredited program for preventing burnout syndrome in the workplace was provided for shelter employees. Employees also had the opportunity to attend a one-day training session to improved their knowledge in the areas of care, common infectious diseases and illnesses, mental health and psychosocial support.

Workshops were conducted with beneficiaries on the topic of presenting accessible social services in the community, as well as improving relationships in the family environment with the aim of better integrating beneficiaries into the community and/or adapting to more permanent forms of accommodation.