Philanthropy - Staff Care

Philanthropy representatives participated in the workshop “Mutual Learning about Psychosocial Approaches and Care”, which was held in Tbilisi, Georgia, in the period 8-15 October 2023, organised by the German organisation Brot fur die Welt. The workshop was attended by 32 professional care and service providers from Germany, Ukraine, Moldavia, Armenia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Romania, Poland, Serbia, Ruanda, Lebanon and Albania. Participants discussed several topics, among them community based psychosocial approach, prevention of burn out, staff wellbeing, etc. Workshop participants are professionals, long-term service providers for the most vulnerable groups – older persons, PLHIV, migrants, refugees and IDPs, children deprived of parental care, victims of war, victims of violence, victims of human trafficking. Participants shared success stories and challenges, and decided to design online platform for future exchange and learning.