ACT NOW against youth marginalisation in Serbia in times of COVID-19

Philanthropy, in collaboration with the Diakonie ACT Austria, supported by the Austrian Development Cooperation, initiated implementation of the three-year project „ACT NOW against youth marginalisation in Serbia in times of COVID-19“.
The project aims to make concrete changes for marginalised young women and men in terms of their preparedness and resilience to actively participate in society, while working to strengthen the awareness, cooperation and capacity of those who support young people.
The target groups are marginalized young women and men (aged 15-29), who, given the current and upcoming challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, live in socially and economically challenging conditions and need additional support: (1) youth deprived of parental care, preparing to exit the social welfare system or having recently exited, (2) young people living in informal Roma settlement, (3) young people living with HIV/AIDS, STDs, youth with psychoactive substance addiction and sexual workers, (4) young people living in remote rural areas.
1,200 young women and men from Belgrade, Sremska Kamenica, Nis and Kraljevo will receive support in the field of education, health care, social protection, GBV, community-based support, peer support, humanitarian and financial aid.